Dec 27, 2005

vol 122 No. 26

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Christians, who confess that their God is the “Maker of heaven and earth” and the “Creator of all things visible and invisible,” support what looks for all the world like intelligent design. Christians have always brushed aside the notion that the world is a random concatenation of miscellaneous atoms thrown together by no one in particular and serving no purpose other than their own survival. The first article of the Christian creed could not be clearer: the world exists by the will of God. What less conservative Christians are not committed to is the idea that intelligent design excludes the possibility of evolution.
December 27, 2005

“When I went to Washington as the pope’s envoy just before the outbreak of the [Iraq] war, [President Bush] told me, ‘Don’t worry, your eminence. We’ll be quick and do well in Iraq.’ Unfortunately, the facts have demonstrated afterward that things took a different course—not rapid and not favorable. Bush was wrong.”—Retired Cardinal Pio Laghi, recalling a conversation with President Bush on March 5, 2003
December 27, 2005