Searching for home in the world’s religions

“Why is it that being a Buddhist Christian is often flagged as a problem,” asks theologian John Thatamanil, “but being a capitalist Christian is not?”

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Burial with dignity

Allison Meier sees cemeteries as great repositories of cultural history—and as spaces deserving of reverence.

Between the Bible and me

The version of Christian history I grew up with hit fast-forward after John’s Revelation and held it until the late 20th century.

December 3, Advent 1B (Mark 13:2437)

Keep awake, Jesus says, for God’s new world is coming.


The emotion standing in the way of peace

Anger can be both healthy and helpful. Rage offers only destruction.

A nonviolent war effort

Thomas Ricks analyzes the civil rights movement in military terms.

Impoverished by design

Sociologist Mark Rank shows how the United States systematically produces economic vulnerability.

My Pentecostal kin

In my Argentine in-laws’ neighborhoods, there are Protestant churches on every corner. They aren’t mainline.