Twins with a Nazi doctor

Is it possible for two 12-year-olds to retain their innocence in a place like Auschwitz?


Why we need anger

Martha Nussbaum says we don't. She's wrong.



Take & Read

At the Altar of Wall Street: The Rituals, Myths, Theologies, Sacraments, and Mission of the Religion Known as the Modern Global Economy, by Scott W. Gustafson. Money has become a kind of god and our relationship to it a kind of worship, replete with liturgical orderings and sacramental offerings.


How do we forgive?

What is forgiveness, and is it always possible? Are there times when it is unwise? Is it even feasible when someone refuses to repent? These are some of the questions James Voiss takes up in his astute analysis of forgiveness.


Change of Heart, by Jeanne Bishop

Spring books

When Jeanne Bishop learned of her sister's murder, she found herself saying aloud, "I don't want to hate anybody."


The Book of Forgiving, by Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu

Using powerful stories, Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu equip us to address deep questions about forgiveness, wholeness, and new life.