A room to herself

The setup sounds like a medieval soap opera. But Robyn Cadwallader knows far too much about the 13th century to write an anachronistic romance.

Something Rich and Strange, by Ron Rash

Ron Rash’s stories emerge from the Smoky Mountains, where his protagonists often reach for a mystery beyond their own understanding.

American Crucifixion, by Alex Beam

There are no heroes in Alex Beam’s tale of the killing of Mormon founder Joseph Smith.

An Introduction to Design Arguments, by Benjamin C. Jantzen

Many people have an intuition that the natural world shows purpose, order, or providence. Benjamin Jantzen does a marvelous job analyzing the attempts to turn that intuition into arguments.

The Rebirthing of God, by John Philip Newell

For nonbelievers, John Philip Newell's new book might serve as an introduction to Christianity at its mildest and least challenging.