Post-traumatic texts

David Carr rereads the familiar materials of the Bible in conversation with trauma theory. This opens the way for a fresh and suggestive interpretation.

Inklings of good news

The proliferation of Inklings books is often prompted by Christian triumphalism. Carol and Philip Zaleski have something more interesting to say.

An Anxious Age, by Joseph Bottum

Joseph Bottum contends that the decline of mainline churches has created a moral vacuum that conservative Catholics and evangelicals have been unable to fill.

One story, three ways

Robert Gregg traces five scriptural stories as they were later understood by commentators—Jewish, Christian, and Muslim.

Saving the Original Sinner, by Karl W. Giberson

Karl Giberson offers a cultural history of the Bible's first human. It's an intriguing and unsettling story.

Biblical Prophecy, by Ellen F. Davis

Ellen Davis is full of surprises. Some are delightful, others raise questions for further study, and still others throw up stumbling blocks.

The Fall of the Ottomans, by Eugene Rogan

Eugene Rogan tells a fascinating story about a part of the Great War that many know little about: the conflict between Allied and Central Powers in the Middle East. Rogan, author of The Arabs: A History, reveals that side of the war from the perspective of the Turks and the Arabs.