Political religion, sanctified politics

It's odd the way this volume deals with Barack Obama. It's a shame it has to deal with David Barton at all.

A tough age for girls

Teenage girls navigate a tough landscape. There are tools the church can offer them.

The mystery of the beautiful

How can God speak through what is soft and breakable? How can we?

Can Americans get past the past?

Trump isn’t the only one who says things used to be better.

Puzzles with a purpose

Joy Williams’s stories disarm, bewilder, and awaken us.

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A book I'd like my elected officials to read

Fall books

The Century asked professors, writers, and policy makers to tell us about a book they would want to hand to their elected officials to read.

A Sense of Wonder, edited by Brian Doyle

This “best of” volume contains an impressive array of spiritual writing. Its essays, all of which have been published in Portland Magazine since 2003, give readers a glimpse into the aesthetic and theological sensibilities of editor Brian Doyle. More important, they model how to write well about faith, doubt, trauma, grace, sin, death, and beauty.

The Gardener and the Carpenter, by Alison Gopnik

Caregiving is a form of love rooted in relationship, not a form of work. So argues Alison Gopnik, who teaches at the University of California, Berkeley, and is known for her research on the psychology of children.

Poetry that bids us welcome

How is it that the poems of a 17th-century aristocrat still resonate with us?

Multitudes of Moseses

From baby in a basket to liberating lawgiver, Moses has been all things to all people.

István to Steven to Stefánie

Susan Faludi’s memoir reveals the deep complexity of her father’s many identities.