The Age of Acquiescence, by Steve Fraser

Spring books

Why was the first Gilded Age a time of sometimes violent resistance, while ours is an age of acquiescence? Steve Fraser's answer is twofold: capitalism has changed, and so has the social imaginary that enfolds it.


Capital in the Twenty-First Century, by Thomas Piketty

Income disparity is likely to keep getting worse, eventually undermining the viability of democratic capitalism. This stark message has made Thomas Piketty's book the object of much scrutiny.


The Market Economy and Christian Ethics, by Peter H. Sedgwick

Peter Sedgwick has provided a fine service in reviewing a vast number of sources related to economic life today, though the title of his book should have been Consumption, Work and Human Identity: A Treatise in Christian Anthropology.


A sustainable world

In some ways The Bridge at the Edge of the World is a confession, from someone who has been a leader in the environmental movement for many years.