Meeting God in Mark, by Rowan Williams

Why is it that the book of Mark, unlike the other Gospels, is so short and fast-paced and contains so little of the teachings of Jesus and so few miracle stories? About a third of the Gospel is preoccupied with the passion of Jesus, and yet the author has little interest in dwelling on the question of why Jesus had to die. Williams argues that the writer wants the reader not to be distracted by Jesus’ teaching or by miracles or by atonement theology but rather to en­counter Jesus himself through reading and re-reading the story. Jesus came preaching a regime change or what could be called a change of management. It’s a story about how God’s power is not the same as our power. An encounter with Jesus leads to letting go of our fantasies about God’s and our power, seeing instead God’s power in the death and resurrection of the Crucified One. The book includes questions and scripture readings for Lent.