The Gospel of God’s Reign, by Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

April 6, 2014

Johann Christoph Blumhardt and Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt, father and son, would be obscure German Lutheran pastors if Karl Barth hadn’t been influenced by them. An emphasis on the kingdom of God being present and active in our own times and their acclamation that “Jesus is the victor” distinguished their theology. While the elder Blumhardt applied this conviction to the healing of mind and body, Christoph saw that his father’s kingdom theology had social implications. He eventually joined the socialists, although in time he became disillusioned with politics. This is the second in a new series, which will make more of their work available in English. The content in this book consists of short, theological musings organized around themes like God’s love, the reign of God, and the living Christ. Pastors will find these musings useful in their own reflections and sermon preparations.