Laughter Is Sacred Space, by Ted Swartz

March 27, 2013

Ted and Lee (Lee Eshleman and Ted Swartz) were a creative and funny acting team. They wrote most of their own material and were best known for Fish-Eyes, whimsical and provocative sketches based on the life of Jesus. Performing mostly in churches, at denominational conferences and on Christian college campuses, the duo was on the verge of what they hoped was a breakthrough—they contracted to do a 32-scene DVD series with Abingdon Press. But Lee took his own life in 2007 after a lifelong battle with depression, and Ted was left to deal with the void in his life, as well as having to pay off a major debt the team had incurred. Swartz tells a gutsy and inspiring story that will make you laugh and maybe make you cry. It demonstrates that laughter is sacred space through the good and the bad.