C’mon, by Low

October 4, 2011

The usually pejorative term slowcore was coined to describe Low's general minimalism and especially the glacial pace at which the Duluth, Minnesota, trio's songs develop. But patient listeners have always been rewarded with warm guitar sounds, memorable tunes and sweet harmony.

The band's latest was recorded in the same church space as fan favorite Trust, which is lush and rich with natural reverb but less accessible than its predecessor, Things We Lost in the Fire. C'mon recalls both records, reprising Trust's churchy spaciousness but with greater doses of pop candy to help the echoing-drone meat go down. "Done" is a marvel of old-fashioned songwriting, a simple rock-and-roll ballad progression seasoned with three-part harmonies. It's also classic Low, its short running time due not to a tight little verse form but to the fact that there's only one verse.

Listen to "Done":

Done (Album)