A review of The Friends We Keep

September 13, 2010

Hobgood-Oster, who teaches religion and environmental studies at South­western University, describes her book as "both a religious-environmental history and a contemporary theology." This survey covers the historical and theological importance of companion animals; animal abuse in puppy mills, sports and factory farming; hospitality to animals as a Christian virtue; and, above all, the need for a soteriology that embraces the whole earth and not just human beings. Hoping to reach beyond the academy to a general audience, Hobgood-Oster presents her views clearly, giving illustrations from Christian history and her own experience as a volunteer at an animal shelter. The book's popular appeal may be diminished, however, by its heavily footnoted ap­proach and abundant academic locutions: the author is clearly a scholar, not a journalist. Included are a discussion guide, sug­gestions on ways that individuals and communities can help, and resources for including animals in worship services 



Another book that attacks the use of animals for food.

This book is about someone purposely misinterpreting the use of animals in religious art and the words in the bible to spread the anti human anti christian animal rights movement. All of her efforts are devoted to misinforming the public as to where religion should stand on the use of animals for food, companionship, and medical research. She is not about animal welfare but she is pushing animal rights which means the end of all domestic animals. That is what it means to become a vegan and remove animals from our lives. She is an animal rights radical who practices vegan and pushes the animal rights agenda to unsuspecting Christians. That is her mission within this anti human anti christian movement. This movement was initiated by Hitler in WWII to end the lives of 6 million jews by first telling the public that they were animal abusers. This book has the endorsement of Peter Singer the leader of the animal rights movement who recently in the New York times told our young people to go out and neuter themselves and then party on till the last human being is dead. No Christian movement would tell our young people to be so evil. This movement is evil as it wants to end your right to eat nutritious food, have animals as companions, do medical research that benefits both animals and humans. This movement wants to end the use of the 350 life saving medicines already in use by the public to keep people alive and healthy. This movement is about lowering the population of the planet by death and disease. If you don't know the difference between the lies of the animal rights movement and true animal welfare then you will be subject to having your right to own a pet removed and your right to feed your children healthy food such as meat and milk. This is what the animal rights movement is about and she has all the credentials of every animal rights leader on her review. This book is a direct attempt by HSUS and this writer to use religion to get what they want which is the end of all domestic animals. That is why HSUS made up the term factory farmer knowing that 98% of all farms are family owned. It is a term of slander and John Goodwin who directs the HSUS operation has sworn to ban all livestock farming in this country. Goodwin is a former ALF terrorist who firebomb a medial research institute. Animal rights zealots make up lies about how farmers treat their livestock and stage false videos and preach propaganda that Jesus does not want us to eat meat. They claim he was a vegan and that God did not give us dominion over animals nor did he ask us to sacrifice animals to him. They tell lies to the public about what farmers do to play on the emotions of the public. They slander all farmers who raise animals for food in how they care for them. For example they lied to the Florida public about the purpose and use farrowing crates which were invented to prevent the sow from rolling on her piglets and crushing them. Before this device Farmers use to have to bury buckets of dead baby pigs crushed by the mother sow during birth and feeding. Farmers saw they needed a way to prevent that from happening and started using farrowing crates when the pig gives birth and when she feeds her piglets. Ask any farmer why farrowing crates increased the number of live births and now Florida has no pig farmers thanks to HSUS. California has no egg farmers as HSUS won't sanction any cage improvements. Studies show that free roaming chicken eggs contain high levels of contaminants such DDT, PCBS and samonella, yet HSUS wants this to be the only method of raising chickens despite the fact that free roaming chickens die earlier and kill each other off. This movement wants to make meat in this country so expensive that you cannot afford to buy it. Vegan diets kill. Before you advocate a vegan diet you had better read up on the consequences to young men and women that go beyond eating disorders. The dark side includes death, damage to internal organs and the bones when putting children on this diet. For boys the soy is a real problem and its the only vegetable that comes close to the complex proteins found in cows milk. Where this concept for animal rights comes from is Hitler who used it against his opposition. Singer the leader of the animal rights movement is an evil man as he has espoused this line of thinking not because he cares about animals or humans, but just to see how far a strange idea can be carried out in society according to his own words. His last article in the New York Times called on all of our young people to neuter themselves and then party down until the last human being dies out. The main identifier of a cult is that it requires you to remove meat from your diet on the pretext that it is cleansing. However the real purpose of the cult in having you stop ingesting meat is because meat rebuilds the body and the brain through a balance of complex proteins and essential nutrients in combination with VB12. VB12 and these essential nutrients rebuild the cells of the brain and the body. When you are out of balance and low in VB12 your thinking becomes irrational and your behavior responses are overly emotional.
Here are some recent examples of the consequences of eating a vegan diet on children and young adults:
In a heartbreaking case of parental neglect, a 12-year-old girl in
Scotland has been admitted to a hospital after a life-long vegan diet
left her with the spine of an 80-year-old. Raised on meat- and dairy-
free meals since birth, the young child is said to have developed a
severe case of rickets (a degenerative bone condition) and numerous
bone fractures as a result of her nutritional deficiencies. Sadly,
this is not the first time a child has suffered a vegan-related
health calamity.
In a similar case five years ago, a 15-month-old child was taken into
foster care after a strict vegan diet left her with internal
injuries, broken bones, missing teeth, and rickets. And since then,
at least two vegan children have died from similar complications. In
one Florida case, a 5-month-old girl was still at newborn weight when
she died from malnutrition. Her siblings were severely malnourished,
and at least two had developed rickets.
These grievous examples show how important it is to exercise caution
when promoting vegetarian and vegan diets —especially for children. A
New York Times columnist explained after a 6-week-old Atlanta vegan
died last year:
A vegan diet may lack vitamin B12, found only in animal foods; usable
vitamins A and D, found in meat, fish, eggs and butter; and necessary
minerals like calcium and zinc. When babies are deprived of all these
nutrients, they will suffer from retarded growth, rickets and nerve
As animal activists tout the supposed superiority of meatless eating,
it’s important to note that a vegan diet can be downright dangerous
unless it’s undertaken with extreme caution. Not all people can digest
protein from plant material and especially children. Extra steps like vitamin
supplements and careful planning are particularly crucial for kids,
since their bodies are not fully developed. Yet vegan activists at
PETA and the woefully misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible
Medicine (PCRM) continue to push vegan diets on children.
Some 12 million infants and young children die each year in
developing countries from complications of marasmus (protein-calorie
deficiency) and kwashiorkor (severe protein deficiency). Diarrhea,
dehydration, and infection are generally the immediate causes of
death in malnourished children. Kwashiorkor manifests clinically with
stunted growth, mental apathy, edema, a desquamating patchy rash, and
pigment changes in the hair and skin. Children with marasmus
typically retain mental alertness and do not have edema or rash.
Autopsies of children dying of kwashiorkor and marasmus show
pancreatic atrophy or fibrosis and fatty changes or fibrosis in
the liver.
Malnutrition is one of the many risks when raising infants on a vegan
diet. This book is a danger to religion as it sneaks in under the guise of pretending to be about animal welfare when in fact every farmer knows that HSUS intends to end all livestock farming in this country. They only want to use religion to get approval for their nefarious movement. This woman is a propagandist not a scholar. The so called social justice movement is no longer about being fair to human beings it has been taken over by people who are anti human. They are irrational and overly emotional people who are so low in VB12 that they can no longer think properly. In England the use of a vegan diet on infants and young children is considered abuse.