Queering Contemplation

Episode 5: Queerly Rooting with the Rev. Jes Kast



The Rev. Jes Kast is a progressive minister, constructive theologian, and gardener. Raised in Michigan, Jes took her second call to ministry in New York City. After the 2016 election, she longed to share healing and desired a slower way of life. Those passions, among many others led her to taking a call as the settled pastor at Faith UCC in State College, Pennsylvania where she now resides with her wife, Dr. Jessy, and together they have two cats and puppy named Charlie. You can learn more about Jes at revjeskast.com. 
The Rev. Cassidy Hall (she/her/hers), MA, MDiv, MTS, is an author, award-winning filmmaker, podcaster, ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, and leading voice in contemplative spirituality. She is the cohost of the Encountering Silence podcast, and the creator of the Contemplating Now and Queering Contemplation podcasts. Her films include In Pursuit of Silence and Day of a Stranger. Her forthcoming book, Queering Contemplation: Finding Queerness in the Roots and Future of Contemplative Spirituality is available for pre-order (May 2024). Cassidy is widely published and currently resides in Indianapolis where she is studying for her doctorate degree. You can learn more about her at cassidyhall.com and support her work here.
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