I'm afraid I fell down on the blog a little this week. My excuse: I spent most of the week at the annual convention held by the Associated Church Press, an association of religious publishers of which the Century is a member and for which I serve on the board. It was a good gathering: interesting keynotes, useful workshops, plentiful fellowship. Highlights for me included a screening of Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz's riveting documentary The Interrupters and a worship service at this stunning chapel, with the Century's John Buchanan preaching.

The convention always ends in an awards banquet honoring the best of the Christian press in the previous year. The Century took home first-place prizes in several categories:

    • Bill McKibben, "Disobedience," magazine editorial/opinion
    • Elizabeth Myer Boulton and Matthew Myer Boulton, "Sacramental sex," long-format theological reflection (subscription required)
    • M. Craig Barnes, "Clear call," short-format devotional/inspirational
    • Me (with help from a couple others), this here website, publication website (despite the fact that I apparently used the same image on the Craig Barnes article above and the Tom Long one below)

We also won two second-place awards:

Lillian also received an honorable mention in the critical review category for her review of Jeffrey MacDonald, as did Jeanne Murray Walker for her poem "The sign."

If you're a subscriber, advertiser or donor, thanks for making our work possible for another year. And if you work in the religious press or communications field, you should consider joining the ACP. (Yes, there's a lower rate for bloggers.)

Have a good weekend. I'll be back at the blogging next week.

Steve Thorngate

The Century managing editor is also a church musician and songwriter.

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