Thursday digest

February 9, 2012

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New today from the Century:

  • Suzanne Guthrie on "pretending" the Bible, a children's ministry of play: "The children from our church walked into the synagogue quietly. But
    when the rabbi invited them to look at the ark containing the Torah scroll, they lost all reserve." (subscription required)
  • Carol Howard Merritt on what's next for people of faith and Occupy: "What are we doing to combat poverty
    in our country and make sure that we join the voices of the prophets who speak
    out against injustice? Often denominational churches work hard on these issues,
    but we do it within our particular silos and we may not effectively
    communicate our work."
  • John Turner reviews Paul Harvey's history of African-American Christianity, which "emphasizes both the
    fraught relationship between black and white Christians and the tensions
    within black religious institutions and communities." (subscription required)
  • Diane Roth offers anecdotal evidence of the Spirit's presence


In the news: