On building buildings

February 16, 2012

Oh Peter, how I love thee.  You make my craziness seem normal, thank you.

In the midst of the most amazing thing he had seen to this point, the
Transfiguration, Peter stops being present to the glory just long
enough to say, “Master, it good for us to be here.  Let’s build three
dwellings: one for Elijah, one for Moses, and one for you.”

God is pretty clear about his feelings toward dwelling places in 2nd
Kings. Suffice it to say he’s not a fan, but it is just so human of us
to want to codify, to make permanent, to set in stone those good
things.  Of course, no matter how grand a statue we build, the greatness
of the moment or the person or the experience will never be fully
captured forever.  It just isn’t possible.

As my seminary prepares to launch its Chapel for the Ages capital
campaign, I read Peter’s words with new eyes, pondering the concept ot
buildings.  What purpose do they serve? Who are they for? What feeling
are we trying to capture?  Is God glorified?

Originally posted at Draughting Theology

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