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Christ offers new life for all

What's the gospel in seven words? We asked theologians, pastors and others both to answer this question and to
expand on this in a few sentences. To see all the responses together as they're posted, bookmark this page. Add your own version here. --Ed.

offers new life for all.

The gospel is the good news that Christ's death and
resurrection--mediated through scripture, tradition, and the sacraments of the
church--offers new life for all who embrace it. It requires repentance for sin
inherited and sins committed. It provides the ability to love God, other people
and the created orders of society and culture and nature. The gospel manifests itself in song, worship, justice, peace and joy, both now and
in the world to come.

Grant Wacker

Grant Wacker, professor emeritus of church history at Duke Divinity School, is author of America’s Pastor: Billy Graham and the Shaping of a Nation.

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