Monday digest

December 5, 2011

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New today (and yesterday) from the Century:

  • Martin Copenhaver on Rembrandt and the incarnation: "Rem­brandt's meditations on Jesus' face reflect momentous
    changes in his faith—and in how people of his time
    envisioned Jesus."

  • Bill Goettler blogs the lectionary: "In October, a
    newly formed Right to Life group sponsored a week-long conference, entitled 'Abortion and Feminism,' on the campus of Yale Divinity School. The
    pro-choice posters posted by the Students for Reproductive Justice made it
    clear that seminarians are not of one mind on the issue."
  • Steve Thorngate on Fox News's claim that the Muppets are brainwashing our children: "The Muppets villain Tex Richman isn't a Muppet. He's a
    human character, played by Chris Cooper. I know, it's hard to find time
    to fact-check when you're busy politicizing the Muppets."
  • Steve Vineberg reviews the film remake of the musical adaptation of the 1984 film Footloose: "The problem is that the material is still Footloose."
  • Nancy Janisch on physics and faith: "One of the things people say about Christianity is that Christians
    believe odd, impossible things. And well, they’re right."


In the news: