Brainwashed by Muppets!

December 5, 2011

Oh boy:

Note to Eric Bolling, Dan Gainor and Andrea Tantaros:

  • The Muppets villain Tex Richman isn't a Muppet. He's a human character, played by Chris Cooper. I know, it's hard to find time to fact-check when you're busy politicizing the Muppets.
  • Richman is also a direct reference to Doc Hopper, the businessman villain in The Muppet Movie. I'm sure I can't talk you out of blaming the liberal media for this trend, but you really ought to at least issue a clarification: It's not that the liberals have recently infiltrated even the Muppets, it's that the Muppets have hated job creators for years!
  • Except that these two Muppets villains aren't business people generally; they're unscrupulous, dishonest, unethical ones. From which one might infer that a better, non-villainous option would be to do business with scruples, honesty and ethics—for instance, as a troupe of hard-working entertainers who get rich and famous making millions of people happy. (Unless, that is, one has an a priori commitment to the idea that the big businesses putting out Hollywood movies are somehow run by hardline socialists in whose minds "good business" is a contradiction in terms.)
  • Also villainous in the Muppets universe: lazy criminals who mooch off the wealth of others. Stop the presses: the Muppets have a conservative bias!
  • From the beginning, Sesame Street has focused not just on kids generally (though it does that, too) but on urban kids of limited economic means. It's telling that these commentators see liberalism behind a simple storyline about a hungry child. It's almost like they're conceding that their own politics don't allow them to even acknowledge such people, much less expect the government to do more to help them.


The Muppets, Fox News? Really? This is probably the stupidest video clip I've seen in some time. And that's saying something—I recently sat through every one of the endless ads and trailers that those socialists over at Disney tagged onto the new Muppets movie!

Via Sojourners.


You are all weirdos

One of my favorite jokes in the new movie was that Sam the Eagle is now a Fox News anchor.

I wish I'd written this

I wish I'd written this sentence: "Indeed, there was no mention of the benefits of oil drilling in the
Muppets, but there was also no discussion of any other aspect of the

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