Friday digest

November 4, 2011

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New today from the Century:

  • John Buchanan on CEO pay: "Over 20 years, the CEO pay multiple went up 1,000 percent. Former bank
    CEO William J. McDonough calls this 'grotesquely immoral.'" (subscription required)
  • Marily McEntyre reviews Julie Anderson Love: "After her bleak diagnosis, Julie Anderson Love learned that hope has nothing to do
    with passivity. She was, she writes, 'the patient from
    hell.'" (subscription required)
  • Willliam Willimon summarizes the gospel in seven words: "God refuses to be God without us."
  • David Heim on George Will: "Will's earlier brand of conservatism was a lively
    conversation partner for liberals who are inclined to lapse into an
    individualism of their own and to turn issues of substantive good into
    questions of mere procedural justice."
  • Steve Thorngate on the White House biblical-literacy flap: " It's annoying to see
    the president's fascinating invocation of God on the stump overshadowed by
    another story about biblical illiteracy in high places."


In the news:

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