God refuses to be God without us

November 4, 2011

What's the gospel in seven words? We asked theologians, pastors and others both to answer this question and to
expand on this in a few sentences. To see all the responses together as they're posted, bookmark this page. Add your own version here. --Ed.

God refuses
to be God without us.

We asked God to say something definite and God,
getting personal, sent Jesus Christ. We were surprised. God was other than we
imagined. We can't make God into whatever we please. Jesus demonstrated that
God is better than omnipotent, omniscient or any other high-sounding
abstraction. God is love embodied: nonviolent, relentlessly seeking, convening,
suffering love. Human happiness is life lived in response to the God we've got.
It's good news: Because God really was in Jesus Christ, reconciling the world to
God, we can be with God.


God refused ....how, what and when?

Quite a weighty thing to say: “God refuses to be God without us!” etc………….! Who are “we”?
We asked God to say……………..theological mumbo jumbo. Therefore, “we took “ the
initiative and certainly helpless God had to respond.

“We can’t make God into whatever we please”. But we forced
to “say something definite..”

I am getting tired of reading such theological twaddle.

Everything is God (and I mean everything)

We are all individuations of God. Ye are gods! You shall do all Yeshi has done and more. The separation between you and your brothers and sisters is illusory. The separation between you and God is illusory. You only think this because you have identified with the concept that you are a body. When you die you will realize immediately you were not a body. Why not realize this now and live your life as if you were one with your brothers and sisters in Christ?