The Luther walk

September 16, 2010

Walk along with Century contributor Sarah Hinlicky Wilson and her husband Andrew
Lars Wilson as they retrace the journey Martin Luther made from Erfut, Germany,
to Rome in 1510—500 years ago this year. (Seven years later, he produced the 95
theses.) The Wilsons will do the 1,000 miles as Luther did—on foot—allowing
70 days to walk from Germany to Switzerland to Italy, and staying in pensions
or campgrounds overnight.

The couple first thought about making the
trip when they were graduate students together at Princeton Theological
Seminary. Then Sarah took a job as research professor at the Institute for
Ecumenical Research in Strasbourg, France, and Andrew became a post-doctoral
fellow at the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and
Dialogue in Geneva, Switzerland.

Their interest in ecumenism grew in their new
settings. Now Sarah is blogging about Catholicism, Lutheranism and ecumenism as
she walks, while her husband shares photographs taken along the way.

Here's Sarah musing on ecumenism in a recent

How is
ecumenism even possible? If we disagreed enough in the past to split into
different churches, how can we claim sudden agreement now without totally
selling out everything we believe in?

The couple invites all to join the discussion
at their blog:

Come in
person if you can, or undertake a pilgrimage in spirit: Follow our blog,
reconsider Luther, educate yourself about churches other than your own,
and-above all-pray.