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I was really struck by a phrase in Chet Raymo's blog post "A Saturday Reprise." He begins by quoting Bilhah in The Red Tent who responds to Zilpah's expression of fear at leaving a place where customs and gods are known and moving to the unknown by saying "Every place has its holy names, its trees and high places. There will be gods where we go."
March 28, 2011
Many years ago on a mission trip in Haiti, our group was ministering in the isolated mountains in the west near the Dominican Republic. The village where we stayed was where the road ended. To say it was a “road” was an exaggeration.
March 25, 2011
As Americans were complaining about all the snow this winter, arguing about the value of NPR and PBS, and learning that we suffer from an “enlargement of self,” the Japanese were dying by the thousands as solid ground gave way and the sea roiled and raged, consuming whole cities.
March 18, 2011
There is a region between home and the forbidden, states a friend and colleague of mine. It's not a border in the NRSV, but a region, an actual space that Jesus goes to. It's where the unwanted are.
February 24, 2011