Episode 28: Spotlight

September 25, 2017
Still from Spotlight (2015)

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On this week’s episode of Technicolor Jesus we welcome Elizabeth Dias, a TIME correspondent covering religion and politics, to discuss the movie Spotlight. The 2015 Academy Award winner for best picture, Spotlight details the Boston Globe’s reporting on the sexual abuse scandals in the Catholic Church in Boston. Elizabeth leads us in a timely discussion about the press, the search for truth, and the complicity of everyone who fails to protect the innocent. In our lectionary discussion, we discuss Moses’s water rock miracle as a story of accountability and Psalm 78 as a hymn of dangerous memory. Finally, in our postludes, Matt loves The Big Sick and Adam tells a story about music, warfare, and citizens arrests. So assume your finest Bahston Acksent, get out your reporter’s notepad, and join us for another week of Technicolor Jesus.



Elizabeth Dias is a TIME correspondent covering religion and politics. Her most recent story, on the cover of TIME's international editions, is about the ongoing ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and Aug San Suu Kyi's legacy. Dias is also the editor of the book What Did Jesus Ask: Christian Leaders Reflect on His Questions of Faith. 

Ursula M. Niebuhr, "Letters to Reinhold: Eating Pickles in Paradise."

Rebekah Miles, "Was Ursula Niebuhr Reinhold's Coauthor?"

The Big Sick

Ralph Vaughn Williams, The Lark Ascending