Episode 59: Captain Marvel

March 12, 2019
Brie Larson in Captain Marvel

New name, same nerds! Sunday Morning Matinee travels back to the 90s to talk memory, refugees, and Marvel’s newest superhero movie, Captain Marvel. In our first segment, Justification by Faith, we talk about the theological themes of Captain Marvel. Specifically, the conversation revolves around memory, assimilation, and the Marvel genre. In our second segment, Preaching to the Choir, we discuss how Captain Marvel might intersect with the lectionary passages for Lent 2, Year C, March 17, 2019. Finally, with our closing Postludes, Matt talks about Star Trek (again) and Adam talks about a documentary (again). So grab your popcorn, your flannel shirt, and your alien cat, it is time for Sunday Morning Matinee.