Episode 27: Field of Dreams

September 11, 2017
James Earl Jones, Kevin Costner and Amy Madigan in Field of Dreams

On this week's episode of Technicolor Jesus, Matt and Adam welcome Josh Larsen, cohost of Filmspotting and editor of Think Christian, to talk about obedience, fathers, and the 1989 classic Field of Dreams. When Berkeley radical turned Iowan farmer Ray Kinsella hears a voice in the cornfield telling him, "If you build it they will come," he obeys the voice and his life is changed by ghostly baseball players, a 60s radical author, and a game of catch. Josh helps us understand Field of Dreams as a prayer of obedience, while Adam and Matt wrestle with how heaven gets commodified. They then turn their attention to this week's lectionary passage (9/17) and discuss the exodus community's struggles to obey, Joseph's vision of providence, and Paul's discussion of what actually counts as the ties that bind. Finally, Adam and Matt talk about local tourist attractions and pseudepigrapha. So wade through the corn, find your seat upon the bleachers, it's time for another week of Technicolor Jesus.

Show Notes: 

Josh Larsen is the editor of Think Christian and co-host of the podcast Filmspotting. His newest book is Movies are Prayers: How Films Voice our Deepest Longings

IMDB page for Field of Dreams

Adam's article on clergy detectives in the Christian Century, "Mystery and Ministry in Grantchester and Beyond."

Atlantic article about how the actual field of dreams has become a popular tourist attraction, "Fighting over the Field of Dreams."

Umberto Eco, Travels in Hyperreality. 

Madonna Inn, Hearst Castle, Austin Bat watching.