In Search Of

Episode 4: Saying yes to the search with Karen Johnson

“I love this process of searching because oftentimes, we end up finding what we’re looking for but not in the way that we imagined when we started the process—not how we originally thought we would find God.”

Welcome to In Search Of, a podcast where we go in search of voices and perspectives that inform and expand a life of faith. In this episode, Amy speaks with Center for Creative Choice cofounder Karen Johnson about the search itself. What does it mean to be a seeker? How do we say yes to the search? What does it mean to live in harmony with our own soul? Listen to Karen and Amy discuss fear, joy, and everything in between on this episode of In Search Of

Karen Johnson is a cofounder of the Center for Creative Choice, an organization that works with a Jungian model to help people live soul-directed lives. She also teaches fifth grade at Lake County Intermediate School in Leadville, CO. 

Show Notes

  1. You can find the full poem by Rainer Maria Rilke referenced in the introduction in Rilke’s Book of Hours, translated by Anita Barrows and Joanna Macy. 

  2. The opening quotation is from The Moviegoer, by Walker Percy.

  3. Karen recommends The Awakened Woman, by Dr. Tererai Trent.

  4. Listen to Karen’s mentor Roger Strachan speak about the self/soul/spirit model on this podcast episode from Ryan Holsapple. 

  5. Amy recommends You Already Know What To Do, by Sharon Franquemont. 

  6. Read about Amy’s search in Wild Woman: A Footnote, The Desert, and My Quest for an Elusive Saint.

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