Episode 25: Church leader Graham Joseph Hill, co-author of Healing Our Broken Humanity

A conversation with professor and church leader Graham Joseph Hill about reconciliation, lament, hospitality, and more
February 15, 2023

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Here in the 25th episode of Madang I converse with the Rev. Dr. Graham Joseph Hill about the book we wrote together, Healing Our Broken Humanity. Hill is state leader for Baptist Mission Australia (Western Australia), professor of world Christianity and mission studies, and founding director of The Global Church Project. He is the author of 13 books, including Healing Our Broken Humanity (co-authored with Grace Ji Sun Kim).

This is a lively discussion about reconciliation, justice, lament, and the vision of the Sermon on the Mount for a radical church and a restored world. Healing Our Broken Humanity came out a few years ago, but recently there has been renewed interest in it as it recaptures readers’ imaginations during this time of difficulty and brokenness.