Episode 24: Liturgist Cole Arthur Riley, author of This Here Flesh

A conversation with Black liturgist and author Cole Arthur Riley about Black Liturgies, White male God, community, and more  

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Here in the 24th episode of Madang, I converse with Black liturgist and author Cole Arthur Riley about her book, This Here Flesh.

Cole Arthur Riley is the creator of Black Liturgies, a space for Black spiritual words of liberation, lament, rage, and rest. Cole, who was born and for the most part raised in Pittsburgh, studied writing at the University of Pittsburgh. She is the author of the The New York Times bestseller This Here Flesh: Spirituality, Liberation and the Stories That Make Us (Convergent, 2022).

We discuss Black Liturgies, White male God, liberation theology, belonging, community, and more. It is a delightful conversation about how she draws from her family life stories to reflect upon God, life, and spirituality.