Looking back: my words in 2016 

Cruel 2016 was kind to my words. 
January 1, 2017

As we start the new year, I would like to look back at my writing in 2016. I'm grateful for the many new opportunities I received and for the readers who supported my work along the way. One of my blog posts was the #7 most-read on Christian Century and another post was the #1 most-read post on the By Their Strange Fruit blog. In no particular order: 

1. Sojourners- Open Letter to the College Senior detecting Colonial Prejudice 

2. Duke Magezine- The Places Words Go (On Intersectionality) 

3. TIME- God is a Neoliberal Centrist 

4. Do justice.- Would Jesus be Deported from the U.S.? 

5. Sojourners- When We Vote Against Peace: What's Behind Colombia's 'No' Vote

6. Religion Dispatches- No, the Democratic Party is (still) not the Party of God

7. State of Formation- Why I'm a Christian Committed to Interfaith Work 

8. Do justice.- Decolonizing Christianity after Discovery 

9. By Their Strange Fruit- Wilberforce and Selective Christian Memory: Social Justice from a Conservative, Eurocentric Perspective

10. Christian Century- John's prologue and God's rejected children 

11. Personal Blog- Do Multicultural Churches Reinforce Racism? 

12. Personal Blog- Trump and the Christian Captivity to Right-Wing Politics 

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