Wisdom from Augustine, Calvin, and Bonhoeffer on theological education

Who I'd invite to my writers' dinner party
April 28, 2017

To: AAugustinus @ heaven.gov, JCalvin @ heaven.gov, and DBonhoeffer @ heaven.gov.

Messrs.: This is to extend you an invitation to come to dinner. I would very much enjoy the pleasure of your company and your wisdom about the training and formation of ordained ministers and other leaders in the church. I look forward to asking each of you several questions: How did your early life and studies prepare you for ministry? Was that model helpful as you prepared others for ministry? As you view our situation today through your own experience, how would you suggest that we change what we are doing in theological education?

I am really looking forward to our conversation! I am especially interested in hearing how your various sociopolitical contexts affected each of you as you became ministers and teachers.