Such signal muscularity

December 7, 2016


I got to listening to a calm burly young man this morning
And when I asked him how he had achieved such a signal
Muscularity he said quietly, well, carrying my kid brother.
He’s got some engineering issues and he wears out easily.
I mean he can walk and run and everything but he doesn’t
Last real long. We developed signals early on. Real subtle.
You wouldn’t know unless you know. He doesn’t like any
Other people carrying him. He and I just fit is the best way
To explain it. It was huge when I went to college. But I am
Here partly because it’s only an hour away. I get home lots.
Usually twice a week. We go for a wander when I get home.
There’s a workout. Our record is more than half a mile, but
Our goal is to do a solid mile before I graduate. My major?
Engineering. I’m fascinated by how things that don’t seem
To work actually do work sometimes if you spend the time.