A window

January 4, 2019

A window is not as open as it seems
keeping out cold
               the pine needles’ freshness
               the cardinal’s call

A starling dives straight for it
veering off
               last second
when its gold surface gleams

Not as open as it seems     like the job posting
soon filled by the boss’s daughter
the chimney whose nest is only discovered
when smoke fills the room

A window is not as open as it seems
               & in the kitchen   steams 
               when we’re boiling water
becoming clouded

Not as open or    perhaps    as clear  
somewhat like the accidental click of a door
behind you    a minnow trap with no way out
a blind eye    a deaf ear

You can see the traffic on the river’s far shore
but the bridge is a long way down
The hungry turtle prods your finger
through aquarium glass

A window is not as open as it seems
as darkness advances     the outer world
is lost to its mirror   & we’re strangely
on display to passersby

The old man listens to the pastor’s words
He smiles & nods    smiles & nods