Summer Twilight

August 4, 2022

“Make every effort to live in eternity’s light, not in time.”
                                     —May Sarton

This is more easily done
in summer’s long gloaming
when I read on the porch
until the light goes
as it does earlier
in this little valley than
on its encircling ridges.
I listen to the soundtrack
of wrens warbling arias
apparently for the joy of it,
watch militant pugilism
of kamikaze hummingbirds
at a feeder so close
the whirr of tiny wings
ruffles the herbs below it.
Frequently does bring their
fawns and friends to feast
at the green profusion
on the hill I refuse to tame
because it opens a door
to timeless aliveness,
invites me to love what is
for its own sake, and
because in every moment,
eternity’s light dawns.