The Sin-Boldly-Bulwark-Never-Failing Blues

I just             opened the can of worms that will eat my flesh
I just             shrugged it’s all good and my nose started Pinocchioing
I just             passed my annual physical and failed my annual spiritual
I just             peeked into my closet and one of its skeletons whispered It’s me, Uriah
I just             vomited after winning a humble pie eating contest
I just             tried talking my way out of eternal damnation as I would a parking ticket
I just             called to say I’m sorry (I got caught)
I just             justified shouting raca at my neighbor because his fallen leaves transgressed boundaries
I just             can’t stop myself from saying I just
I just             confronted all my demons and they doggedly refused to settle out of court
I just             plugged in another household god that’s blaring mea culpa non. mea maxima culpa non
I just             remembered 1521
I just             reread Habakkuk 2:4
I just             ordered me a heaping helping of alien righteousness
I just             keep repeating hier stehe, ich kann nicht anders and yum