They sat in the ancient place
                                                  of the broken and bombed,
                                          the torn and taken, the loss and lost
                                                          the shattering
                                                  pockets and bags filled
                                                 with remnants captured
                                                          by keen sight
                                              able to touch what be not
                                                     as though it were
                                                     possible to make.
                                      These multi-shaded women knew
                                                      their anointing,
                                                    the power to join
 broken glass, torn hearts, pebbles large and small, bloodstained brick, pieces of
those aprons that smelled like fresh bread, flashes of sadness caught in song, the
           extra fabric from the wedding dress, little napkins, quick melancholies,
           bunches of laughter, shreds from curtains from soul windows.

                                           Then with eyes aligned,
                                     stepping out onto nothingness,
                                          handling things that could
                                          slice flesh, and pierce skin
                                       they placed pieces side by side
                                           unprecedented, but now
                                         colors and shapes dancing
                                        intricate new steps making
                                             visible pulsating joy
                                          never before imagined.

             Then they decided in majestic wisdom to create soft shelter
               against the cold, against threat, against forgetting caress,
               and as the final threads joined, they saw what God wanted
                                 to call good, but could not create.