In singleness of heart,
         God breathed his breath into us.

Like a mirror He molded us skin for skin,
         Pulchritudinous and wellpleasing.

We were his sweetest and loveliest work
         Above and below rolled together.

He flooded us with His blood. His blood—
         The sweet smell of frankincense.

He taught our feet to dance in disappointment.
         He taught our hands to brighten the wind.

He taught our lips to be endless crucibles of praise.
         His tender mercies abound, endlessly fluent as a river.

At dawn and at dusk He is awake,
         A sleepless sentinel over us.

He crafted us higher than the eagle.
         He formed us into a royal priesthood.

He crowned us. He exalted us.
         Then he laced our tongues with rainbows,

Sprinkled us as stars across the firmament of time
         And weaved from us a constellation

Of possibilities.