Apologia pro vita sua biblio

November 27, 2017

I had to sit down a bit to write this morning
because the last two days I put in maybe 12 hours
sorting the books on nature and religion donated
for the Community Club book sale to benefit
our local public library making countless trips
back and forth between the boxes and my tables
like I was on this eccentric exercise wheel
in an all-volunteer non-Euclidean multi-verse.

On the religion table I decided to go political
by sorting the books into categories of Bibles,
myths and mythologies, recently discovered
non-canonical gospels of early Christianity,
liberal Christian theology, Asian and South Asian
religions and then segregating all books you’d
expect in a non-academic Christian bookstore
where the cover photos all flash great smiles,
the titles are pseudo-psychology self-help upbeat
and the only book that seems like it couldn’t
possibly be written by a Christian is the Bible.