Fiji church leader dies after brief illness

January 10, 2022
(Photo by Luke Nasei/World Council of Churches)

Iliesa Naivalu, general secretary of the Methodist Church of Fiji, died on Decem­ber 17, 2021, at the Colonial War Memo­ri­al Hospital in Suva following a brief period of illness.

Naivalu was known for his work in promoting Chris­tian unity in Fiji.

“His service de­m­onstrated his en­during faith in the Almighty God, his love and dedication to his church, and his victory that sought Eternal life,” wrote Mele’ana Puloka, the World Council of Churches’ Pacific president, in a condolence letter to Naivalu’s family.

Naivalu was appointed general secretary of the Fiji church in February 2021. Previously, he had served as the church’s secretary for Christian Citizenship and Social Services and as vice president of the Fiji Council of Churches. He also spent time in Mel­bourne as a diaspora minister through the Uniting Church in Australia.