Episcopal Diocese of Chicago postpones consecration of bishop-elect after brain bleed

June 14, 2021
(Photo courtesy of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago)

The Episcopal Diocese of Chicago has postponed the consecration and ordination of Paula E. Clark, both the first African American and the first woman elected to lead the diocese, after Clark suffered a brain bleed in April.

Clark was elected bishop in Decem­ber and scheduled to be consecrated on April 24. Her consecration has been pushed back to August 28, Pre­siding Bishop Michael Curry an­nounced in a May 21 video message to the Diocese of Chicago.

The delay will allow Clark to assume her role as bishop in “the healthiest and most wholesome way,” Curry said.

Clark experienced a brain bleed while exercising on April 10 and later underwent surgery, according to updates on the Diocese of Chicago’s website. —Religion News Service