Grassroots campaign raises funds for New York’s nine Chinatowns

May 4, 2020
(Unsplash photo by Krista Stucchio)

Back in February, law student Winn Periyasamy and her friends grabbed dinner in Manhattan’s Chinatown to show their support and dispel racist myths that those businesses were less safe than others. It wasn’t long until the crew, a group of self-described policy advocates, began hatching a scheme.

What if they organized a food crawl to bring business to Chinatown while also raising awareness about emerging racism and xenophobia?

Dubbed “Dumplings Against Hate” and held on February 17, the event was a rousing success—so much so that it spawned a follow-up food crawl in Brooklyn four days later. But just as Periyasamy and her fellow organizers began planning more events, New York City shut down.

So Dumplings Against Hate went digital.

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