Construction of oil pipeline threatens burial sites in Uganda, Tanzania

TotalEnergies, with the support from the Ugandan and the Tanzanian governments, are building the world’s largest heated crude oil pipeline.

Once completed, the East Africa Crude Oil Pipeline will span from the oil-rich shores of Lake Albert in western Uganda and end 900 miles south at the Tanzanian Port of Tanga on the Indian Ocean.

Despite the economic gains oil production promises, the massive project has been criticized by climate activists for the massive ecological and humanitarian harm that will result in the region. At the same time, a recent study revealed that TotalEnergies has displaced over 2,000 graves in Uganda and Tanzania with no respect for cultural and religious burial customs of the affected communities.

GreenFaith, a multi-faith climate justice organization, released a report titled As If Nothing Is Scared to bring light to the issue. The international organization conducted an extensive review of public information published by TotalEnergies and carried out field surveys and interviews with families who own gravesites along the EACOP route.

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Deborah Laker

Deborah Laker is a freelance writer.

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