In the Lectionary

October 6, Ordinary 27C (Luke 17:5-10)

 Have you noticed God’s preference for small things?

I love roller coasters. There’s some­thing about traveling at high speeds, being dropped from terrifying heights, and feeling like you just might lose your life.

The best place to ride roller coasters, at least in my view, is Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, about an hour west of Cleveland. It’s the closest amusement park to my hometown of Flint, Michigan. At last count, Cedar Point had about 18 roller coasters. They are always in an arms race with another park, part of the Six Flags chain. It’s a back and forth race: Who has the biggest, baddest roller coaster?

The rest of us tend to look at life this way, too. If something is good, then more of it will be better. So we make faster roller coasters—or live in bigger houses, buy fancier cars, and so on. But living in a culture where bigger is better leaves you thinking that what you do or have isn’t enough.