In the Lectionary

May 17, Easter 6 (John 14:15–21; Psalm 66:8–20)

The Spirit is present. The Spirit is working.

Sometimes I can have a good time all by myself. I can get away from everything and everybody and enjoy the peace and quiet that only being alone can bring. I meditate or pray or read scripture or read a book. It is a time of renewal and refreshment as I relax in the Lord and enjoy God’s presence in the stillness and quiet of the day.

There is a difference, however, between being alone and being lonely.

My wife, Lisa, was watching the nightly news and saw a feature story that highlighted children seeking adoption. One child said that he would like to find a home because he was tired of telling people that the other kids he lived with were only “my foster brother or my foster sister.” Having been in the foster care system practically all his life, he knew that any foster family’s relationship could end at any time. He wanted to be with a family, to feel as if he was a part of something. He was around people all the time, but he lonely—and he was tired of it.