August 2, 2017

I like to swim out till I can’t swim more
Until it’s hard to get my breath and in gasping have work to do
Get back to shore
I don’t want to tell you about the girl
Lying abed, my head beside hers
On the white pillow eyes white she said I have not prayed
I have barely ever done that I said don’t worry I have done that for you
I have included you in all the days of my life
All days have been good for praying though it’s hard to believe
That’s all God wants
Shouldn’t He want more in return for all this swanning around in the breeze
Feeling easy in the body
So animal, so wry
I love the purple inside oyster shells but haven’t done a thing to help them
Nothing we can do to earn the mainsail beauty, given every day
And the lifting sea.