Can we talk about marijuana at church?

A Bible-belt Presbyterian woman thinks her THC cookies are benefiting her. She also thinks she can't tell anyone.

Before brushing her teeth and getting ready for bed, Dianne Fulkerson (not her real name) eats one small cookie laced with THC. After years of struggling with anxiety and restless nights, Fulkerson was encouraged by her daughter to try marijuana to help her sleep. Fulkerson was hesitant at first; a child of the 1960s, she had once tried her brother’s marijuana cookies, and they left her feeling fuzzy and distracted.

“I sat there watching I Love Lucy, and I couldn’t follow the story line,” she told me. “And it scared me to death!”

But enough sleepless nights convinced Fulkerson to take her daughter’s advice. For the first time in ages, she got four consecutive hours of sleep. “That became a life changer for me,” she said. “This is great.”