No more of it in one place than another (Eight shades of blue at the Ex-Convento de Santo Domingo de Guzmán) and Model for a String of Dreams, by Cherith Lundin

January 31, 2020

Artists like Cherith Lundin help you look at space and light differently. You begin to notice, for example, how light falls on white to create shades of pinky gray. “My work traces the architectural contours of everyday life in search of new ways of seeing, knowing, and imagining place,” writes the Minnesota-born artist, an associate professor of art at Wheaton College. “I’m particularly interested in moments when what something is and what it appears to be are held in tension—when transitional spaces such as windows, doorways, and walls become framing devices for the surge of expectation elicited by the possibility of a view.” She reintroduces the world one frame, one window, one structure at a time. About these window openings to the sky, she says: “The light will never be repeated exactly the same way again.”