Let’s rest our souls, by Mandy Ford

December 31, 2021
(Used by permission of Mandy Ford Art & Illustration | mandyford.co)

A  lot of us have “keeper cards”—those accessible art cards and greeting cards we put on the fridge, keep as a reminder, or fold into the pages of our favorite books. They hold a quote or image that draws us, that we want to return to. Maybe we’re drawn to the lettering, the colors, the illustration. We might prize the words that remind us to pay attention to the soul, the night sky, the brisk cold, the end of the day, the constellation coming alive across the night sky.

That’s where illustrators like Mandy Ford come in. They help us notice those things, often things that we forgot to name. They remind us, and in doing so they offer up a little soul care.

Ford is an illustrator, pattern designer, and lettering artist based in Indiana. She crafts works that hold onto hope, that speak to the spirit. With her background as a teacher, she gently offers the combination of the quietest life lesson to “find beauty in small things” with an invitation to keep that beauty—a few good words, a central image—to carry us through a day or a week.