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Holy City with Moon, by Brian Whelan

At the installation of his work at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., Brian Whelan said, “There is a sacredness of place that resides not so much in geography or in the clustering of shrines, mosques, temples, and cathedrals, but in the heart and imagination of the pilgrim who yearns for a moment of peace and contemplation where one can bask in the presence of the divine.” His nine-panel Holy City series aims to engage the three Abrahamic traditions in new ways. “The Holy City is more than Jerusalem, or Mecca, or Rome, or Lhasa,” he writes. “The Holy City is the dream of humanity and it is at the heart of Homo religiosus to find those ‘thin places’ and thus confirm what we have always suspected, that there is more.”

Lil Copan

Lil Copan is an editor with Fortress Press and a painter.

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