Grandfather, by Fouad Agbaria

June 17, 2021
(Used by permission of the artist)

Known for art that blends cultural history, landscape, and pattern work, Fouad Agbaria offers Palestinian narratives often left untold in the media. A Palestinian artist living in the Galilee region of Israel, he has gained prominence as one of a younger generation of Palestinian artists developing a visual catalog of a people and their relationship with their history, land, language, and religious traditions.

Agbaria considers his work a “journey in search of light.” And the light he searches out, he shares: the light of patterns of the fields, of a relationship—as in this painting, Grandfather, in which the landscape and the sower, harvester, and laborer are one and the same. Painting by painting, Agbaria brings together that which “make[s] up the story of a nation,” he writes. Even in an “assaulted land,” his work is the “lighting [of] oil lanterns to illuminate” the dimensions of beauty and perpetuate deepest memory.