Sarah Mullally fourth woman bishop in the Church of England: People

July 16, 2015

Sarah Mullally was appointed suf­fragan bishop of Crediton in the Dio­cese of Exeter, which makes her the fourth woman to be named a bishop in the Church of England.

Mullally, 53, a former nurse, served in the United Kingdom’s National Health Ser­vice, including as the chief nursing officer for England. She left that post in 2004 to take up full-time ministry.

“In even our smallest rural communities, often where many of the other services and facilities have long gone, the church—and it can sometimes be only a few people—remains, as a symbol of God’s enduring love,” Mullally said of the diocese.

Robert Atwell, bishop of Exeter, said he was delighted to welcome Mullally.

“She will bring to her new role the same mixture of compassion, integrity, and professionalism that has characterized everything she has done and achieved,” he said. —Diocese of Exeter