Resources for Christian formation & video games

Resources for Christian formation & video games

Websites and Online Resources

Christians gamers reflecting on gaming:

  • GameCell (“an in-home games-and-discussion ministry model”), found at Love Subverts.
  • Gamechurch (“to tell . . . Gamers a new story of God—or maybe it’s an old story that we’re trying to tell in a new way”). Also on Facebook.
  • Gaming and God (“to bridge the gap between the pastime that is playing video games to scripture, biblical values, and life lessons that we can use daily”).
  • Geeks Under Grace (“to bring a Christian voice into the geek world. We are tired of people feeling like they have to choose between being geeky and being a Christian”).
  • Theology Gaming University (for “healthy debates, Jesus-infused conversations, and videogames that challenge both our skills and thinking”). Also on Facebook.

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